niedziela, 13 października 2013


- You are going into oblivion, this is all You know about love ..
There is a darkness in these words. Darkness where I can easily lost.

Then it seemed to me that I know everything about people.
I was wrong
The silence that grew up between us was my capitulation.
She was always right
These days are a combination of events that will forever remain in my memory.
They are a breach of the time, black hole of the history.

In my memories I capture only what is less painful.
Childhood, touch of mothers hands, touch of her hands.
She knew everything about people.
I was wrong.

-I think about You  - I can hear
I do not answer.
- These are the scars, you know.
I feel the smell. Like a hot plate in the rain.
- There are moments - she says softly - When the shadow is like a closed house. Do You feel the same?
- These are the empty moments. And the empty houses.
She smiles. And I know that nobody and nothing can stop her now, from being away.