niedziela, 22 lutego 2015


It always fascinates me how people go from loving you madly,
to nothing at all. Nothing. It hurts so much.

When I feel someone is going to leave me,
I have a tendency to break up first,
before I get to hear the whole thing.

Here it is...
One more, one less, another wasted love story,
I really loved this one.

When I think that it's over,
then I'll never see him again like this.
Well yes I'll bump into him,
we'll meet our new boyfriend and girlfriend
act as if we had never been together.
Then we'll slowly think of each other less, and less,
until we forget each other completely. Almost.

Always the same for me.
Break up, break down.
Drink up, fool around.
Meet one guy then another f*ck around to forget the one and only.

Then after a few months of total emptiness
start again to look for true love,
desperately look everywhere,
and after two years of loneliness,
meet new love, and swear it is the one,
until that one is gone as well.

There's a moment in life
where you can't recover anymore from another break up.
And even if this person's bug you, 60% of the time,
well you still can't live without him.
And even if he wakes up you everyday by sneezing up right in your face,
well you love his sneezes more than anyone else's kisses.

czwartek, 19 lutego 2015


Curiosity of your body is insatiable.
That curiosity can not be satisfied.
With haste .
With shame.
First of all, because of the pleasure :
Pleasure tear its eyes away from the view of nudity evoking desire.
Bliss doesn't need to know anything .
I press both hands to my eyes.
Why ?
Because in the full light you can't see anything.
My head is spinning.
I have to keep my eyes closed because the glowing lightof the world is so strong , so bright .
Wiping my eyes, the source of the heat is burning .
You are the world , light, heat are fire...


Nothing can be compered to  the beauty of two bodies : a woman and a man , face to face, who suddenly discover immensely surprised that they are already in love , but do not know ; although they do not recognize in themselves neither Eve nor Adam , and they don't know they names yet.
Indescribable silence falls in their bodies .
Drizzled with the golden rain , both motionless .
Glance brings immediate proximity .

Their bodies shrouded in a luminous coating and shine like the stars at night.

środa, 18 lutego 2015


-Do you know the story of the Phasianidae?
- The... No, what's that?
-It's a bird that experiences all of time in one instant. And she sings the song of love and anger and fear and joy and sadness all at once. And this bird... when she meets the love of her life... is both happy and sad. Happy because she sees that for him it is the beginning, and sad because she knows it is already over...


There is a scientific theory, which says that there are billions of other worlds, parallel to that in which we are living now,
and each of them is a little bit different.
There are those in which you'd never been born, and those that You don't want to be born.

There are parallel worlds,in which at the moment I'm having sex with someone else,there are those in which I'm winning the jackpot in lottery.
There are those in which I slowly bled myself to death, lying on the floor in the bedroom, and one in which where I was elected for a president of the country.
But now the greatness of the parallel worlds in general doesn't interest me.I'm interested in one ,where you are completely alone. There are many such worlds, I'm sure about it...
I'm trying to think about them.
Among all these worlds there are  those in which we've never met, and those in which you are telling me 'no'
They all don't interest me.
Now there is remaining one in which you tell me "yes," and I'm choosing it , a bit like you are choosing a fruit in the grocery store. One for the most beautiful, the most mature, most sweet.
This is a world in which there is a perfect weather.Never too hot nor too cold, and we live in a small house in the woods.
Always eat dinner together.
And I love you and you love me.
And I love you and you love me.
And I love you and you love me.
I would gave everything to move in to such a world, but in the meantime until I find a way, I'm only just thinking about it, which is also not enough. Thinking about myself living there with you, in the middle of the forest,is some kind of full happiness .
There is still infinity of parallel worlds in the universe.And there is still  a world in which I lay with clipped veins, bleeding to death on the floor in the bedroom. This is the world in which I tried to live until this is over. I don't want to think about it now.
Just about that world.
Cabin in the woods, where sun sets on the walls, and we are going  to bed early.
In bed, my right arm is long and not covered with blood, you are lying on it, and we are embracing each other .
Your breath on my face, regular rhythmic of your heart.Eyes  starting to close.
Not only in this world, in bed, in the woods, on other worlds, which I don't want to think about it now.
It is good to know that there is a place in the heart of the forest, where now i can  fall asleep happy.