piątek, 14 września 2012


It was after midnight when I saw him on the stairs, at the Devils doors. I can see him through the fog,
Then we are lying down on the floor like in the cocoon, breathing freely.
He sleeps, It's dark, it's quiet, the night poured in through the open window.
This darkness always falls so quickly that it barely can noticed it. We are in a different dimension, not applicable to our time.
If you ask how much I regret leaving You, I'll answer that my sadness is like falling autumn leaves ..

'' You can hide somewhere in the place known only to ourselves ....There she is  ... poured into my room surrounded by the selfish love , ready to use all her tricks and theatrical masks, which arranges itself moving from dream to dream. I just returned from the beyond of the worlds. Eccentricity in his heavenly poncho

- Did You my lips? - She asked.''

Daybreak shouldn't be slept away without reason....

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