sobota, 15 września 2012


He is a alienated. Probably lost in his other places. Distance takes size of the universe .. , even in our bed.

I could ask him about everything, be  like a letter, torn from the pain and despair. Let it be me .. let it be us, people sick on the ​​beauty of the trees.
Le'st forget about breathing .. Or walk away, without saying goodbye.

I do not know yet, how to win in the lottery of life. But soon I'll find out how difficult it is to keep this winning with me.

So we talk.

I'm drowning in those eyes...
I can't breath, with him on top on me..It's like him standing on my chest, looking down..With his eyes on me..

The first sentences are like a daybreak, like the first drops of  the rain ... Trembling a little .. uncertain.
Im talking about how much I'm afraid of the storm,how the gray dawn laziness fills me, and  how it's hard for me to breathe when I feel tired..

There is only the road, which is in our words. Everything is in one direction.

I'm telling how much I admire his calm and narcotic properties of his skin.

Dawn finds me in his arms ....

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